Moshiko Halevy session

Moshe Itzhak Halevy, known Moshiko was born in 1932 in Jaffa in an old yemenite family
in 1949, Moshiko begans to study classic ballet in Mia Arbatova Ballet, He's integrated like the partner of Mia. He studied ballet dances, character dances, jazz dance.
Moshiko has the background of professional dancer of ballet, He learned how to move his body, his hands.

In begin of 50's, he met in Israel Jerome Robbins (director of West Side Story) who ask him to dance in his ballet called "Interplay"; Robbins will suggest him to joined the Inbal dance theater.
Moshiko joined Inbal in 1954, he was for 6 years one of his main dancers.

in 1959, Moshiko created his first dance "Debka Uryia" (Uryia is his son's name)
then in 1960, Moshiko founded his own group called "Hapa'amonim".
The group is dedicated to folklore, dance and song.
Besides to create for his group, Moshiko continues to create dances like "Debka Kurdit"; he has written the music, sung  hiw own songs and played instruments (trompet than flute) for many of his dances.

During the 60's, Moshiko worked like instructor and artistic advisor for minority groups such as the Druze, Arabs, Cerkissians. in 1968, He's going to teach under the NEVO (folkdance society in Holland.

in 1973, Moshiko back to Inbal Dance Theater as a lead on their United States tour. He lived for 16 years in New York (from 1976 to 1990).

in 2003, Moshiko became the president of the Irgun Hamadrichim (the profesional organization that represents Israeli Folkdance teachers).

Moshiko never stop to study the culture of minorities culture and create many dances liek "Machol Gruzini" (georgian), "Ya Abud" (arabic), "Asal" (yemenite);
He's inspired by the music to create a dance, following the rhythms.

He create more than 200 dances, most of them are composed by him.

Moshiko dances are now regular in many sessions all over the world, "Tzaana", "Ga'aguim", "Buki  Dalale", Galey Hamizrach", "Ya'Abud", "Yam Tichon", "Lach", "Kineret", "Mizrach Ma'arav", "Haidel Haidel", "Yaffo"