Cuban Salsa or Casino


Casino has its roots in African rhythms, the guaguancó and mambo. Salsa (or "sauce") is a mixture of different cultures: African, Spanish and European.

Rueda de Casino is a variation of Casino, danced in a circle with changing partners, and announced by a leader called Madre.


Mambo and Puerto Rican salsa, which surprisingly comes from New York in the 1970's, is the salsa danced in lines.

3 styles exist: the break on2 Palladium, Los Angeles (break on1) and the New York style (Eddie Torres style).

Most often danced to salsa romantica, salsa dura, latinjazz, salsa vieja, because the time signature remains the same regardless of the music, it can be dance to all kinds of music called salsa.


Bachata is a couple dance coming from the Dominican Republic, which is divided into several categories: bachata moderna (the most danced in France), sensual bachata, bachata "Dominican" (which appeals more to gaming than legs passes).

Salsa and Latin dance



Zumba, created by the Colombian Beto Perez, is a mixture of a physical fitness training program and Latin dance rhythms (salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia).

Zumba is now enriched with many rhythms of world music (bollywood, bellydance, swing, rock ...)